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Stunning Urban Garden Apartment Patio For Your Inspiration

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It’s possible to enjoy plant, stream or even veggie gardens out of your apartment deck/patio. You really don’t need much space to have a good garden. Here are a few recommendations for how it is possible to garden in a space no longer than 8 sq ft. With just a little planning in only minutes you can have a fantastic garden. First you’ll need some plant growing containers.

You may find a variety of sizes to select from but try to stick to 18 inch or smaller. You may also think about hanging a number of your planting containers to give you additional space in your deck or patio. This is easily done by hanging hooks to attach the hangers to but be sure to consult your apartment manager before drilling holes or making any big changes to your deck area.

For all those who live in urban areas it’ll be tough to find a green playground that is trendy and fresh, even though there is maybe you should go several kilometers just to be able to find a city park. However, for those who are fortunate enough, you can benefit from this empty space above your building that can be transformed into an amazing roof garden design.

This will require a little creativity, since building a garden or not is as simple as planting a hedge in your home, but with creative ideas, good planning and structuring, you can have your garden in the middle of a crowded metropolitan area. I think that it is truly amazing to be on the building when enjoying the green landscape and the constantly busy view of town.

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